Ethical Policies

Ethical Management

  • Labor Human Rights
    Remote Solution respects human dignity and values; moreover, all employees have the right to pursue happiness.
    The company complies with and implements all necessary domestic and international laws concerning labor and human rights.
  • Health and Safety
    Remote Solution seeks to improve its employees’ health and quality of life by creating a safe and pleasant working environment. Furthermore, all employees work together to ensure health and safety performances.
  • Ethical Management
    Remote Solution takes ethics very seriously and operates a high-level anti-corruption system and an internal control process involving voluntary participation from executives and employees to create a healthy corporate culture.

Anti-Corruption Policies

  1. 1Remote Solution complies with all laws and statutes related anti-corruption and the code of conduct for ethical management.
  2. 2Established anti-corruption management system and through continuous improvements achieves its ethics management goals.
  3. 3The Anti-Corruption Advisory Committee provides guidelines to ensure that the company's anti-corruption management system is fully established with independent authority and responsibility related to ethical management.
  4. 4All employees must not be involved in bribery, illegal, or corrupt acts in all cases of performing their duties.
  5. 5All interested parties, such as partner companies and related companies, should not be forced to give or receive bribes, entertainments, and gifts, etc., in return.
  6. 6A person who is aware of an act of corruption shall report to the team leader of his/her department or a person in charge of handling corruption. The company shall protect the informant's identity and not give the informant any unreasonable treatment due to such reports as retaliatory actions.
  7. 7If an employee does not take any action whilst he or she is aware of any irregularities or violations related to this policy, the company may take disciplinary action according to internal regulations.
  8. 8All employees from Remote Solution must commit their best efforts to comply with the anti-corruption policies and achieve the corporate ethical management goals.

The Code of Conduct

You can download and check the Code of Conduct.