CEO’s Message

CEO’s Message

Since its establishment in 1994, Remote Solution has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing reliable remote controls. As the company's name suggests, it is committed to providing all kinds of solutions for all remote controls.

We provide convenient, affordable, and newly developed remote controllers in a partnership with the global top TV companies and cable broadcasters with constant creative, challenging, and innovative spirit. You will find remote controls made by Remote Solution all over the world.

Remote Solution is not satisfied with its current progress and will work harder to provide the world's best remote controls. Furthermore, all executives and employees are doing their best to fulfill corporate social responsibilities and improve humanity's convenient lifestyle and quality of life.

Thank you for visiting this homepage, and if anything is lacking in the information you seek, please leave us a message in the QnA section or call us and we will adhere to address the issues accordingly.

Remote Solution Co Ltd
Shin Hong-beom 拜上