Ethical Management Report

Purpose of Reporting Operation

  • In order to establish an ethical corporate culture, Remote Solution aims to grow into an exemplary company in society by receiving and improving all reports relevant to misconduct and unfair trade made by all its partners and stakeholders, including executives and employees.

Reporting Target

  • Providing and receiving bribes, entertainment, and money transactions
  • Abuse of power and/or making unreasonable demands from a management position
  • Making unfair transactions, such as preferential treatment for companies
  • Leakage of company trade secrets
  • Other corrupt practices related to corruption

Informant’s Privacy Protection

  • The informant's status must be kept strictly confidential, and no disadvantage or negative consequences shall arise to the informant due to reports and information provided related to misconduct and unfair trade.
  • The information to be reported must be thoroughly factual, and any inaccurate or abstract content may be excluded from the investigation.
  • Remote Solution will investigate the reported information at the earliest possible opportunity and provide feedback on the outcome whilst ensuring confidentiality.
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